Violin Lessons for Beginners

If you are new to playing the violin, in your first lesson you will learn about the different parts of the violin and be able to name the open strings.

Your teacher will show you how to hold the violin and bow with good posture and show you how to get a good strong tone from plucking each of the open strings.

At the end of your first lesson, you will have a good idea about how to hold the bow and to keep it straight while playing.

Within your first few weeks of learning and practising, you will become able to play simple melodies, read music and read simple rhythms.

Violin Lessons For Advanced Students

For a more advanced violinist starting at the Music Place, your teacher can spend some time talking with you about which direction you might want to head in – to do exams, orchestral playing, chamber music playing, rock violin, etc.

Your teacher can help you to develop your technique, working on your bow hold, moving between positions, vibrato and your sound production, as well as performing with musicality through a wide range of repertoire.

Opportunities for violin students

  • ABRSM exams: take your exams here at the Music Place
  • Instrumental Day –annual performance opportunity for anyone playing an instrument
  • Take part in the annual Talent Show!

Professional Violin Tuition in Manchester

Your teacher can help you to develop your technique as well as performing with musicality through a wide range of repertoire.


Top Violin Tips for Beginners

  • When you begin learning, it can feel a little unnatural to hold the violin in place – stick with it, it will feel more comfortable as you get used to it.
  • Watch out for achy shoulders when you’re playing – speak to your teacher about this.
  • Make sure you press the strings down using the fingertips of the your left hand – this is far more accurate than using the pads of your fingers.
  • Practise in front of a mirror to check that you are bowing at a right angle to your violin.
  • Make sure your left hand palm isn’t touching your violin.

Meet The Music Place Violin Teacher…

Tanah Stevens

About Tanah

Tanah graduated from Manchester University in 2008 with an honours degree in music. Despite going to university a pianist and violinist, she somehow came out the other side a viola player!

After graduating, she disappeared off to Central America for a while, yet soon found herself in Manchester again, drawn back by the musical scene. She began teaching here at The Music Place in 2010.

After taking up violin at the age of 7, and piano a year later, Tanah soon became heavily involved with all things musical both in school and out – choirs, orchestras, school musicals, string orchestras, string quartets (even a barbershop quartet at one point briefly!) – which in turn later lead to opportunities to perform abroad in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and France.

Since moving back to Manchester, as well as her teaching commitments keeping her busy, Tanah regularly plays with a variety of bands, instrumentalists and singer songwriters. Her main commitment is to the band, Glass Tides. Highlights include playing the Park Stage at Glastonbury, the main stage at Green Man festival, Cropredy and the Union Chapel in London, as well as numerous other festivals and venues around the country. She has played and/or recorded with artists such as Everything Everything, The Guillemots, The Travelling Band, Stuart McCallum and JP Cooper among others.

Tanah also works in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Society as a ‘Singing for the Brain’ leader. This is a role she enjoys greatly, getting to use her musical training in a more therapeutic setting.


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