What do you call a laughing piano?- A Yama ha ha ha ha!
Why was the piano player arrested?- Because he got into treble!
Why are pianos so hard to open?- The keys are inside!
These jokes are so bad, I can’t even HANDEL them.
The piano has been one of the most integral instruments, if not the most integral instrument, in the progression of western music and, since we honoured the piano and its wonderful players at this Sunday’s Piano Day, we thought we’d honour it in this week’s blog as well. So here are ten facts you might not know about the ol’ Joanna!
1) The name ‘piano’ is a nickname for the full Italian name of the instrument, the Pianoforte. This longer name was given to the piano because of its ability to play notes quietly (piano) and loudly (forte )
2) The invention of the piano is credited to Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655–1731) of Padua, Italy.
3) There are 7500 working parts in the body of each piano.
4) There are 230 strings required for a piano to make its full range of sound.
5) Though piano keys are referred to as the “ivories”, they haven’t actually been made from ivory since the 40s, in order to protect endangered resources.
6) A concert grand piano is 8′ 11″ and weighs over 1400 pounds.
7) A single piano covers the full orchestral range of notes- from the lowest note possible to play on a double bassoon, to the highest note possible to play on the piccolo!
8) The best piano brand in the world is considered to be the Steinway piano, often costing well over £100,000!
9) When you add up all the tension from a typical piano’s strings, it totals around 18 tons. A large grand piano can total as much as 30 tons!
10) Our music place students are AMAZING at playing it!
Yes, this weekend, we were wowed by a number of fantastic performances from our Music Place pianists. In front of a warm and supportive audience at The Cinnamon Club, students wowed with their best playing at our annual Piano Day. Everyone did so well, we are very proud of you all! Thanks to everyone who got involved!
As if we hadn’t given the piano enough attention this weekend, some of our fantastic pianists also took to the Underground Artists stage to wow market-goers with their skills. What a weekend for the humble piano.
Have a lovely week everyone!