Beginner Piano Lessons Manchester

In your first piano lesson, your teacher will show you around the keyboard and help you spot the notes. Your teacher will make sure that your piano stool is at the right height, that you have good posture and that your fingers are in the right position to press the keys.

You will be using all your fingers straight away and will be able to play a simple tune by the end of your first lesson.

Piano Lessons to Suit Your Ability

For a more advanced pianist starting lessons at the Music Place, bring along something you can play for your teacher, just so they can hear what you like and to see where you are with your playing.

Your teacher can help you set realistic goals and give you a timescale to work towards, to ensure that your playing will continue to progress. You are able to take your ABRSM exams here at the Music Place, in a familiar environment and on familiar pianos.

Once you have found your way around the piano keys, you can also learn how to read chord symbols here at the Music Place. Starting by learning major scale harmony, our teachers can help you play chords for music from all genres and help you get ready to perform in a rock, pop or jazz band setting.

More opportunities for Music Place piano students

  • Perform on a grand piano with other students on Piano Day
  • ABRSM exams at the Music Place in a friendly environment
  • Student rock and pop bands – spaces available during the week
  • Adult Jazz Bands on Thursday evenings between 6pm and 9pm
  • Jazz Summer School in August and Jazz Weekend in March

Whatever your level – there’s something for you!

Your teacher can help you set realistic goals and give you a timescale to work towards, to ensure that your playing will continue to progress.


Top Piano Tips for Beginners

  • Practise ‘little and often’, not for a long time at one sitting.
  • Your fingers will get stronger each time you play.
  • Always make sure you sit at the piano with good posture.
  • Listen to other piano players performing
  • When learning to read music, follow the music while playing.

What Our Students’ & Parents’ Say

I’ve been learning jazz piano at The Music Place for just over a year now. It’s conveniently located in the centre of Altrincham and open late in the evenings which is great for lessons outside of work hours. All of the staff are really helpful and the teaching quality is excellent. Highly recommended.
Hayden, Jazz Piano Student
I think the Music Place is a fantastic place to learn. It has so many outstanding teachers and is such a warm, friendly environment. All three of my children have been able to play a range of styles of music with people who are passionate about music, and having the chance to join bands and perform has kept them really motivated.
Liz Golding, Parent
I chose the Music Place for its relaxed atmosphere, dedication and clear passion for music. My children have benefited enormously from the tailored 1:1 tuition that has given them the confidence and skills to achieve high standards in their music grades as well as appreciate a broad range of musical styles.
Charlotte Batra, Parent

Meet Some of The Music Place Piano Teachers…

Jonni Musgrave
Jonni Musgrave
Jonni studied at Salford University on the Popular Music course and has worked as a professional musician and teacher since then. He has toured internationally with jazz funk band, Ute and has performed in the band of acclaimed bass player, Joe Hubbard.

Jonni was a member of Big Dog, signed to Jive Records in 2001 and featuring Kermit from 90s band, Black Grape. He has also recorded with The Smiths’ guitarist, Johnny Marr. As a pianist, Jonni regularly works with other Music Place staff members in bands such as Frisco Crabbe, Broadband, Clare Morel’s Bandits of Love and Pocket Central.

Jonni helped Lucy to set up the Music Place when it first opened in 1997 and he has been an integral part of the team and a loyal, dedicated Music Place teacher ever since. Lucy says she doesn’t know what she’d do without him!

Gemma Salmon
Gemma Salmon
Gemma graduated from the Royal Northern College of Music in 2009 and has since worked as a performer and piano teacher. In addition to teaching at the Music Place, Gemma also teaches at Xaverian Sixth Form College, Rusholme.

Gemma did work experience in music marketing with the BBC Philharmonic and with Manchester Camerata. She worked at the RNCM as a marketing assistant during 2011.

As a pianist, Gemma has performed at St Anne’s Church, Manchester and South Church, as well as performing and recording with RNCM ensembles during her degree.

Gemma’s favourite composer is Debussy and her favourite piece of music is Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody (from Tom and Jerry).

Bairbre Garland
Bairbre Garland
Bairbre began her piano teaching at the age of 17 in her hometown of Dublin and since then, has taught both privately and in schools around the UK and Europe. She has also worked as an accompanist for ballet classes and has worked with visually and hearing impaired children in schools.

In addition to her teaching, Bairbre runs her own jazz band, is a member of the Music Place choir and is a keen student on the Music Place jazz courses.

Bairbre explains, ‘I am interested in each student as an individual, appreciating different learning levels and needs. Being a jazz and singing student myself helps with my teaching. I believe teachers should always be willing to learn and develop their talents. I am also looking forward to enhancing my own professional skills with further teaching courses at the RNCM.’

Imogen Gornall
Imogen Gornall
Imogen graduated from York University with a degree in music and has since worked as a tutor of piano, violin and children’s music classes for over twenty years. An experienced and dedicated teacher, Imogen has taught all ages and abilities, in both one to one and group settings.

For twelve years, Imogen ran the children’s department at the Music Place, leading music classes for 0-8 year olds. Her teaching focussed on combining singing, percussion, movement and stories to create an enjoyable and stimulating experience.

Alongside her busy teaching schedule, Imogen is also a skilled pianist and accompanies the ABRSM exam students at the Music Place.

Tanah Stevens
Tanah Stevens
Tanah graduated from Manchester University in 2008 with an honours degree in music. Despite going to university a pianist and violinist, she somehow came out the other side a viola player! After graduating, she disappeared off to Central America for a while, yet soon found herself in Manchester again, drawn back by the musical scene. She began teaching here at The Music Place in 2010.

Since moving back to Manchester, as well as her teaching commitments keeping her busy, Tanah regularly plays with a variety of bands, instrumentalists and singer songwriters. Her main commitment is to the band, Glass Tides. Highlights include playing the Park Stage at Glastonbury, the main stage at Green Man festival, Cropredy and the Union Chapel in London, as well as numerous other festivals and venues around the country.

Robin Joiner
Robin Joiner
Robin graduated from Salford University with an honours degree in music.He has worked as a piano tutor and professional musician for over 20 years.

As a teacher Robin has worked in a number of schools and colleges teaching a wide range of ages and abilities.He also works regularly as an accompanist in schools and has directed a number school ensembles.

As a pianist Robin has performed across the UK, both solo and in numerous bands.

He has passion for jazz and regularly performs with his own jazz band.

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