HARFEST was a roaring success!!! For three days, we had incredible live music all over Altrincham; the town centre was constantly teeming with people soaking up the wonderful atmosphere.

Well done to the wonderful Little Belters who sounded magnificent at the Stage O’ Straw too.

 The Music Place Mega Band sounded fantastic on the Saturday and looked so colourful with everyone sporting The Music Place T-shirts! There should be a live video in the shops in time for Christmas!

The Sunday brought the young Music Place bands to the main stage with the Music Place Choir delivering a staggering rendition of the full Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album by The Beatles.

 We asked some our teachers what they loved the most about HARFEST!

 “The bacon sandwiches were phenomenal but the Music Place bands were out of this world!” – JOHN DAGNALL

 “Hearing the Music Place bands with a full rig was great!”, HUW JACOBS

“It was great seeing and hearing all of the students and teachers together in one big massive group!”, CHARLIE COOPER

“My violin group was amazing and they were so thrilled to take part!” TANAH STEVENS

 An enormous thank you to all those who took part! We couldn’t have done it without you!

 Bring on HARFEST 2018!