Last Friday, Bowdon’s favourite jazz club celebrated its 15thbirthday with the help of the best party band in the UK…nay…the world… Frisco Crabbe and The Atlantic Frantics! As The Music Place celebrates its 21st birthday in 2018, it’s not surprising that many of our lovely teachers have known each other, and gigged together, for many, many years (some even longer than The Music Place has been around!). As a consequence, we had the joy of partying with a Frisco Crabbe and The Atlantic Frantics densely populated with Music Place teachers last Friday. Fronted by Music Place drum teacher, John Dagnall, and accompanied by singing teacher, Lois, guitar teacher, Huw Jacob, and piano teacher, Jonni Musgrave, Frisco brought the house down, ushering in The Cinnamon Club’s 16th year with style. A thoroughly funky night was had by all. Happy Birthday to The Cinnamon Club, from our corner of Altrincham to yours, and here’s to the next fifteen years!

Have a lovely week everyone!