1st Blog of 2018

BLOG WEEK 1 – 2018
Happy New Year from everyone here at The Music Place! We hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas break and are excited for the year ahead- I know we are! With lessons starting again last Wednesday, we’ve kicked off the New Year in typical busy style, and we’ve got plenty […]

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Meet The Music Place!

Quick-fire questions for our Saturday receptionist, Annie – singer, pianist, Streisand enthusiast.
When did you start working at the Music Place?
Less than a year ago; I had piano lessons here first and then segued into desk duties!
What do you like most about working at the music place?
Well, I enjoy talking to new people and I […]

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Feeling festive at the Music Place!

The Music Place halls have been well and truly decked this week and it’s feeling very cheery! But as the year draws to an end, we’re only getting busier! Our Christmas Choir Cracker last week was a huge success with outstanding performances from our Music Place Choirs, the wonderful Teen Belters and a number […]

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Wishing you a Merry and Musical Christmas!


What Christmas carol is sung in the desert? – O Camel ye faithful!

What’s the best kind of Christmas present? – A broken drum, you just can’t beat it!
Why did Father Christmas go to music school? – To improve his wrapping!

Merry Christmas everybody!! It’s the beginning of the last week of term here at The […]

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Sunday 26th November

This Week in Music- Past, Present and Future!
Did you know that on this day in 1958 Johnny Cash made his debut in the US country chart? Or that this Tuesday marks the anniversary of John’s Lennon’s final concert appearance at Madison Square Gardens in 1974? It may be a mundane and rainy Sunday in […]

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Christmas Lights Switch On!

O Little Town of Altrincham

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… or it will on the 18th November!
The festive season arrives in Altrincham this Saturday with the much anticipated Christmas Lights Switch-on, and The Music Place will be out in full force to join in the festivities! Alongside Key 103’s Breakfast team, Coronation […]

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Photo shoot!

Lights, camera, evolution…
The Music Place became a photography studio this Sunday and it’s been a busy and bustling day! So many of our students and teachers have kindly turned out to model for us this week as we begin the creation of our newest promotional venture…. Look out for ‘The Evolution of Music’ in […]

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When January’s got you ♭ , music keeps you ♯ !

Mid-January, everybody’s favourite time of the year! It’s dreary, it’s drizzly, and you’ve probably already kissed goodbye to your New Years’ resolution which was, of course, to do more practise on your instrument. At this time of the year, it helps to remind ourselves of all the fabulous benefits which come along with learning […]

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Bonfire Night Blog

Happy Bonfire Night! It’s week 2 at The Music Place and we’ve kicked the new term off with a bang… some might say explosively … we’re on fire!
Part of what makes The Music Place such a colourful place to work and learn is the range of musical styles and genres which our students enjoy […]

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Halloween Blog


What is a mummy’s favourite type of music? – Rap!
Why did the ghost have music lessons? – Because he wanted to Boo-gie!
What instrument does a skeleton play?- A trom-bone!
What would an audience say about these jokes? – Booooooooo.
Happy Halloween everybody! We’re kicking off the new half term in spooky fashion this week so here’s […]

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