Happy Bonfire Night! It’s week 2 at The Music Place and we’ve kicked the new term off with a bang… some might say explosively … we’re on fire!
Part of what makes The Music Place such a colourful place to work and learn is the range of musical styles and genres which our students enjoy listening to and learning. We asked a few of our Sunday students what pieces they’ve been learning and what they think of them, as well as asking some of our teachers what they’ve enjoyed teaching this term!
Emily takes guitar lessons with Paul on a Tuesday and plays in one of our newly formed, and as yet unnamed, Sunday bands! Emily is loving playing 21 Guns by Greenday in her guitar lessons because she loves the pop punk and rock genres and really epic guitar parts!
Lois is one of our dedicated singing teachers, she now teaches 6 days a week! Lois teaches a range of genres from Jazz, to pop, to show tunes. She’s particularly enjoying teaching As if we never said Goodbye from the musical Sunset Boulevard, because of its wide ranging dynamics.
Ava is really enjoying practising some disco- style funk riffs on the bass guitar this week!
John enjoys teaching a number of drum styles but is particularly looking at the grooves of the James Brown drummers this week which is very much putting the fun in funky.
Ben is one of our Music Place drummers; he’s currently practising 12/8 backbeats in his drum lessons with John (well done Ben, get those fundamentals down.) He’s also really enjoying playing Fall out Boy’s This ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race in his Sunday band because it has a great range of instruments which is perfect for his group.
Jake is learning The Arctic Monkey’s Do I wanna know? in his weekly guitar lessons; it’s fun to play and has a good solid riff- it just sounds big!
Lauren is one of our lovely multi-instrumentalist teachers, taking lessons in piano, cello and violin! This half term she’s particularly enjoying her classical cello teaching; Allegro and May Song are proving fun to teach because they involve so many different bow articulations and techniques– plenty of rocket bows and quick dotted rhythms!
Let’s keep celebrating musical diversity at The Music Place!
Have a lovely week everyone!