Sunday 26th November

This Week in Music- Past, Present and Future!
Did you know that on this day in 1958 Johnny Cash made his debut in the US country chart? Or that this Tuesday marks the anniversary of John’s Lennon’s final concert appearance at Madison Square Gardens in 1974? It may be a mundane and rainy Sunday in […]

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Christmas Lights Switch On!

O Little Town of Altrincham

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… or it will on the 18th November!
The festive season arrives in Altrincham this Saturday with the much anticipated Christmas Lights Switch-on, and The Music Place will be out in full force to join in the festivities! Alongside Key 103’s Breakfast team, Coronation […]

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Photo shoot!

Lights, camera, evolution…
The Music Place became a photography studio this Sunday and it’s been a busy and bustling day! So many of our students and teachers have kindly turned out to model for us this week as we begin the creation of our newest promotional venture…. Look out for ‘The Evolution of Music’ in […]

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When January’s got you ♭ , music keeps you ♯ !

Mid-January, everybody’s favourite time of the year! It’s dreary, it’s drizzly, and you’ve probably already kissed goodbye to your New Years’ resolution which was, of course, to do more practise on your instrument. At this time of the year, it helps to remind ourselves of all the fabulous benefits which come along with learning […]

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Bonfire Night Blog

Happy Bonfire Night! It’s week 2 at The Music Place and we’ve kicked the new term off with a bang… some might say explosively … we’re on fire!
Part of what makes The Music Place such a colourful place to work and learn is the range of musical styles and genres which our students enjoy […]

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Halloween Blog


What is a mummy’s favourite type of music? – Rap!
Why did the ghost have music lessons? – Because he wanted to Boo-gie!
What instrument does a skeleton play?- A trom-bone!
What would an audience say about these jokes? – Booooooooo.
Happy Halloween everybody! We’re kicking off the new half term in spooky fashion this week so here’s […]

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HARFEST was a roaring success!!! For three days, we had incredible live music all over Altrincham; the town centre was constantly teeming with people soaking up the wonderful atmosphere.
Well done to the wonderful Little Belters who sounded magnificent at the Stage O’ Straw too.

 The Music Place Mega Band sounded fantastic on the Saturday and […]

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Battle of the Bands and Jazz Gig

Check out our Battle of the Bands trophy below!

We are just into the 2nd half of the Summer Term and there’s already loads going on.
“Battle of the Bands” is taking place on Sunday 9th July at The Cinnamon Club! The audience vote for the winning band so make sure you’re involved!
“An Afternoon of Jazz” is taking place […]

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Choir at Didsbury Arts Festival

The Music Place Choir is thrilled to be performing at Didsbury Arts Festival as part of a double bill with the amazing Voice Collective.

Have a look at the festival website for more info –

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Dementia Awareness Week

Calamity Jane

At The Bowdon Rooms (The Firs, Bowdon, WA14 2TQ)

Thursday 18th May

Doors open at 1pm

Screening at 1.30pm

Interval with refreshments

A screening of the hit musical, Calamity Jane, starring Doris Day and Howard Keel, made possible by The Bowdon Rooms and The Music Place Supports charity outreach programme, as part of Dementia Awareness Week!

Free entry to all who wish […]

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