It’s Spring! Nurture your music and watch it bloom!

Welcome back everyone! Spring is here, the season of new life and growth, so why not inject some new energy into your music practice!? Nurture your technique and get those musical skills bloomin’! Here are ten practising techniques which will help you improve this term.

1. Set the mood- Don’t underestimate how important your surroundings […]

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Our John takes to the Stage with Tito Jackson!

Here at The Music Place, we handpick the best musicians and music teachers from across the country, and they get up to some pretty exciting stuff on their days off teaching! From Donny Osmond to Queen, Lily Allen to Tom Jones, our teachers have performed with some of the best musicians in the […]

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This Weekend was all about the Piano!

What do you call a laughing piano?- A Yama ha ha ha ha!
Why was the piano player arrested?- Because he got into treble!
Why are pianos so hard to open?- The keys are inside!
These jokes are so bad, I can’t even HANDEL them.
The piano has been one of the most integral […]

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A Busy Sunday!

Happy belated Mothers’ Day everyone! This weekend, we wanted to celebrate

all the wonderful mums in Altrincham.
Well, we asked and The Music Place
Choir provided, with their usual fabulous flare! The afternoon began with The
Music Place Choir taking market-goers by surprise with one of their trademark
flash mobs in market house. Ushered in with a solo […]

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Dates for the Diary

It’s week two and we’re well and truly back into the swing of things! In this week’s blog, we thought we’d give you a rundown of all the performance opportunities we’ve got coming up this half term.

On Sunday 11th and Sunday 18th March, we’re heading down to The Cinnamon Club for what are set […]

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Singalonga Disney!

SPRING TERM:Blog 1- Happy New Half Term!
We hope you’ve all had a lovely and relaxing break and are ready to kick back into gear, as we are! Lessons have now re-commenced here at The Music Place and we have many exciting events coming up in the next six weeks including our annual Singers’ and […]

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Bowdon Festival:- The Music Place, Represent!

Last weekend, many of our extremely talented Music Place students appeared en masse to perform at Bowdon’s annual youth festival. Taking place each year on the first weekend of February, Bowdon Youth Festival offers a brilliant and exciting opportunity for Altrincham’s youth to showcase their talents in music, drama and speech, in a welcoming […]

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Meet The Music Place!

Quick-fire questions for our Saturday receptionist, Annie – singer, pianist, Streisand enthusiast.
When did you start working at the Music Place?
Less than a year ago; I had piano lessons here first and then segued into desk duties!
What do you like most about working at the music place?
Well, I enjoy talking to new people and I […]

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When January’s got you ♭ , music keeps you ♯ !

Mid-January, everybody’s favourite time of the year! It’s dreary, it’s drizzly, and you’ve probably already kissed goodbye to your New Years’ resolution which was, of course, to do more practise on your instrument. At this time of the year, it helps to remind ourselves of all the fabulous benefits which come along with learning […]

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1st Blog of 2018

BLOG WEEK 1 – 2018
Happy New Year from everyone here at The Music Place! We hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas break and are excited for the year ahead- I know we are! With lessons starting again last Wednesday, we’ve kicked off the New Year in typical busy style, and we’ve got plenty […]

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